Liste des jeux (428)

Nom Editeur/Dévelopeur Genres
3DS C-Wars Onipunks/Onipunks
DS C.O.P. : The Recruit Ubisoft/VD-Dev Action Aventure
DS C.O.R.E. NoWay Studios/Graffiti Entertainment FPS
Wii Cabela's Adventure Camp Activision/
Wii U Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts /
Wii Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 /
Wii Cabela's Survival : Shadows of Katmai Activision/ Action
Switch Cadence of Hyrule Nintendo/Brace Yourself Games Aventure Rythme
Wii Cake Mania: In The Mix! Majesco Entertainment/Gorilla Puzzle
3DS CalcioBit 3D Nintendo/Nintendo Sport
Switch Calculator / Simulation
DS California Games System 3/Epyx Sport
N64 California Speed Midway Games/Atari Course
Switch Call of Cthulhu Focus/ Horror Survival horror
Wii U Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare Activision/Sledgehammer FPS
Wii Call of Duty : Black Ops Activision/Treyarch FPS
Switch Call of Duty : Black Ops 4 Activision/
Wii U Call of Duty : Black Ops II Activision/Treyarch FPS
Wii U Call of Duty : Ghosts Activision/Infinity Ward FPS
GC Call of Duty : Le jour de gloire Activision/Infinity Ward FPS
Wii Call of Duty : Modern Warfare - Reflex Activision/Treyarch FPS
DS Call of Duty : Modern Warfare : Mobilised Activision/n-Space FPS
Wii Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 Activision/Treyarch FPS
DS Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 Activision/n-Space FPS
DS Call of Duty : World at War Activision/n-Space FPS
Wii Call of Duty : World at War Activision/Treyarch FPS Guerre
GC Call of Duty 2 : Big Red One Activision/Treyarch FPS
Wii Call of Duty 3 : En Marche Vers Paris Activision/Treyarch FPS Guerre
DS Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare Activision/Infinity Ward FPS
Switch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Activision Blizzard/ FPS
DS Calligraphy Training DS Nintendo/Nintendo
Wii CALLING Konami/Hudson Soft Aventure Horror
Switch Calm Colors Games Casse-tête
Actu Camp Pokémon Pokemon Company/
Switch Can't Drive This /
Wii U Candle /Teku Studios Plateforme Puzzle Point & Click
Switch Candleman /
Switch Cannibal /
Wii U Canvaleon /OxiAB Game Studio Plateforme
Switch Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium Capcom/ Arcade
Switch Capcom Arcade Stadium Capcom/Capcom Combat Shoot'em up Action Arcade
Switch CAPCOM Beat'em Up Bundle Capcom/
Switch Capcom Fighting Collection Capcom/ Combat Arcade Compilation
Wii Captain America : Super Soldat Sega/High Voltage Action Plateforme
DS Captain America : Super Soldier Sega/High Voltage Action Plateforme
3DS Captain America : Super Soldier Sega/ Action
Wii Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle Reef Entertainment/Wizarbox Aventure Point & Click
DS Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle Reef Entertainment/Wizarbox Aventure Point & Click
Wii Captain Rainbow Nintendo/Skip Action Aventure
Wii U Captain Toad : Treasure Tracker Nintendo/Nintendo EAD Group No. 2 Plateforme
3DS Captain Toad : Treasure Tracker (3DS) Nintendo/
Switch Captain Toad : Treasure Tracker (Switch) Nintendo/ Puzzle
Switch Captain Tsubasa : Rise of New Champions Bandai Namco/Tamsoft Sport Tactique
Wii U Captain U /Ultra Dolphin Revolution Plateforme
Switch Captive Palm Capcom/
Switch Car Mechanic Manager Ultimate Games/ Simulation
Switch Car Trader Ultimate Games/ Simulation Stratégie
Switch Caravan Stories /Aiming MMORPG
3DS Card Fight!! Vanguard : Lock on Victory /
Switch Card Shark Devolver Digital / Action Aventure
3DS Cardfight!! Vanguard : Ride to Victory /Furyu Cartes
3DS Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Stride to Victory! Furyu/
N64 Carmageddon 64 Titus/Software Creations Action Course
DS Carnival : Fête Foraine 2K Play/ Party Game
Wii Carnival : Fête Foraine 2K Play/Cat Daddy Games Party Game
Wii Carnival Games : Mini-Golf 2K Play/Cat Daddy Games Sport
Switch Carrion (boîte) /Phobia Game Studio Horreur
DS Cars THQ/Helixe Course
Wii Cars THQ/Incinerator Games Course
DS Cars : La Coupe Internationale de Martin THQ/Rainbow Studios Action Aventure
Wii Cars : La Coupe Internationale de Martin THQ/Rainbow Studios Action Aventure
Wii Cars : Race-O-Rama THQ/Disney Interactive Course
Wii Cars 2 Disney Interactive/Avalanche Software Course
3DS Cars 2 Disney Interactive/ Course
DS Cars 2 Disney Interactive/Avalanche Software Course Infiltration
3DS Cartoon Network : Battle Crashers Maximum Games/GameMill Entertainment
Switch Cartoon Network : Battle Crashers (Switch) GameMill Entertainment/ Combat Plateforme
3DS Cartoon Network : Le Choc des Héros Deep Silver/Papaya Studios Combat
Wii Cartoon Network : Punch Time Explosion XL KOCH Media/Papaya Studio Combat
3DS Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL KOCH Media/O-Games Combat
DS Cartoon Network Racing The Game Factory/DC Studios Course
Actu Cartoon-Master /
DS Casper à l'école des fantômes Blast !/ Action
Switch Cassette Beasts Raw Fury/Bytten Studio Aventure RPG
Wii U Castaway Paradise /Stolen Couch Games
3DS Castle Conqueror Defender /Circle Entertainment Stratégie
3DS Castle Conqueror EX /Circle Entertainment
Switch Castle Flipper /
Switch Castle of Heart /7levels Action Plateforme
Wii Castle Of Shikigami III Taito Corporation/Alfa System Shooter
Switch Castle Renovator Ultimate Games/ Simulation
Wii U Castles BadLand Indie/
Wii U Castlestorm /
Wii CastleStorm (Switch) /Zen Studios Tower Defense
NES Castlevania Konami/Konami Action Plateforme
GBA Castlevania : Aria of Sorrow Konami/KCET Action
GBA Castlevania : Circle Of The Moon Konami/KCET Action Aventure
DS Castlevania : Dawn Of Sorrow Konami/Konami Action RPG
GBA Castlevania : Harmony of Dissonance Konami/KCET Action Aventure
N64 Castlevania : Legacy of Darkness Konami/Konami Action
3DS Castlevania : Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate Nintendo/Mercury Steam Action Aventure
DS Castlevania : Order of Ecclesia Konami/Konami Action Aventure
DS Castlevania : Portrait Of Ruin Konami/Konami Action RPG
GB Castlevania : The Adventure Konami/Konami Action Aventure
Wii Castlevania : The Adventure ReBirth (Wiiware) Konami/Konami Action
Actu Castlevania : the animated series /
SNES Castlevania : Vampire's Kiss Konami/Konami Action Plateforme
N64 Castlevania 64 Konami/Konami Action Aventure
Switch Castlevania Advance Collection Konami/Konami Metroidvania Plateforme Action
GC Castlevania Double Pack Konami/Konami Compilation
GB Castlevania II : Belmont's Revenge Konami/Konami Action Plateforme
NES Castlevania II : Simon's Quest Konami/Konami Action Plateforme
NES Castlevania III : Dracula's Curse Konami/Konami Action Plateforme
Wii Castlevania Judgment Konami/Konami Combat
GB Castlevania Legends Konami/Konami Action Plateforme
DS Cat Frenzy Teyon/Fun Unit Puzzle
Switch Cat Girl Without Salad: Amuse-Bouche /WayForward Action Tir Arcade
Switch Cat Quest /The Gentlebros Action RPG
Switch Cat Quest II /The Gentlebros Action RPG
Switch Cat Quest Pawsome Pack /PQube Aventure
DS Catan : The First Island GlobalFun /Exocet Games Stratégie
Switch Catch a Duck Ultimate Games/ Arcade Stratégie
Switch Catherine : Full Body Sega/Atlus Puzzle
Switch Catie in MeowmeowLand /
DS Cats Academy THQ/Brain Toys
Wii Catz Ubisoft/
DS Catz 2 Ubisoft/Powerhead Games
DS Cave du Temps Konami/Konami Aventure
3DS Cave Story NIS America/Nicalis Action Plateforme
Wii Cave Story (WiiWare) Nintendo/Pixel Action Plateforme
Switch Cave Story + Nicalis/ Plateforme Action
3DS Cave Story 3D NIS America/Nicalis Action Plateforme
Wii Caveman Rock Lexicon Entertainment/ Puzzle
Switch Caveman Warriors / Plateforme
DS Cédric : L'anniversaire de Chen Anuman Interactive/ Action
Switch Celeste /Matt Makes Games Plateforme Action
Wii U Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge /Yinyamina et Trexrell
Wii Centipede : Infestation Atari/WayForward Technologies Action
N64 Centre Court Tennis Hudson Soft/Hudson Soft Sport
Wii Cérébral Challenge (WiiWare) /Gameloft
DS Cerebrale Academie Nintendo/Nintendo
Switch Cérébrale Académie : Bataille de méninges /
Wii Cérébrale Académie sur Wii Nintendo/Nintendo Réflexion
Wii Cerebrum Electronic Arts/Planet Moon
Switch Chained Echoes Deck 13/Matthias Linda Action Aventure RPG
DS Challenge Me : Brain Puzzle 2 Tradewest Games/ Réflexion Puzzle
Wii Challenge Me : Brain Puzzle 2 Tradewest Games/ Réflexion Puzzle
DS Challenge Me Kids : Brain Trainer O-Games/
N64 Chameleon Twist Sunsoft/Japan System Supply Aventure
N64 Chameleon Twist 2 Sunsoft/Japan System Supply Action Plateforme
Wii Champion Jockey : G1 Jockey & Gallop Racer Tecmo Koei/ Simulation Sport
Switch Chaos; Head Noah / Chaos; Child Double Pack Spike Chunsoft/MAGES Aventure Visual novel
Wii Chaotic Activision/ Action
Switch Chapeau / Party Game
Switch Charade Maniacs Reef Entertainment/Idea Factory Visual novel
Wii U Chariot Frima Studios/ Plateforme
N64 Charlie Blasts Territory Kemco/Realtime Associates Réflexion
DS Charm Girls Club : My Dance Party EA Casual Entertainment/Electronic Arts
DS Charm Girls Club : My Fashion Mall EA Casual Entertainment/Electronic Arts Party Game
DS Charm Girls Club : My Fashion Show EA Casual Entertainment/Electronic Arts Party Game
Wii Charm Girls Club : Pajama Party EA Casual Entertainment/Electronic Arts Party Game
Switch Charon's Staircase SOEDESCO/Indigo Studios Horreur Enquête
3DS Chase: Cold Case Investigations – Distant Memories Aksys Games/ Enquête
Wii U Chasing Aurora Broken Rules/Broken Rules Action Aventure
Wii U Chasing Dead /2020 Venture FPS Horror
Switch Chasm The Rift SNEG/ Action FPS
Switch Chasseurs de Trolls Protecteurs d'Arcadia Outright Games/WayForward Plateforme
Wii Chegger\'s Party Quiz Oxygen Games/ Réflexion
DS Chess Crusade Zoo Digital Group/
Wii Chess Crusade Zoo Digital Group/Slam!
GC Chessmaster Ubisoft/
DS Chessmaster : Entraînez-Vous Aux Echecs Ubisoft/Ubisoft
3DS Chevrolet Camaro 3D Tradewest Games/ Course
DS Chevrolet Camaro Wild Ride Storm City Games/ Course
Wii Chibi-Robo Nintendo/
DS Chibi-Robo : Park Patrol Nintendo/Nintendo Action Aventure
GC Chibi-Robo ! Nintendo/Skip Aventure
3DS Chibi-Robo! Let's Go, Photo! Nintendo/Skip
3DS Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash Nintendo/ Plateforme
Switch Chicken Police – Paint it RED! HandyGames/The Wild Gentlemen Aventure Casse-tête
Switch Chicken Range /
Switch Chicory : A Colorful Tale Finji/Wandersong Aventure Casse-tête
Wii U Child of Light Ubisoft/ Plateforme RPG
Switch Child of Light : Ultimate Edition Ubisoft/
Switch Child of Light II Ubisoft/
DS Children of Mana Square Enix/Square Enix Action RPG
Switch Children of Morta 11 bit studios/Dead Mage Hack-and-Slash Rogue-Like
Switch Children of Silentown DAEDALIC Entertainment/Elf Games Aventure Point & Click
Switch Chocobo GP Square Enix/ Course
3DS Chocobo Racing 3D Square Enix/Square Enix Course
Switch Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon : Every Buddy Square Enix/Square Enix
3DS Chocoken 3DS /
Wii U Chompy Chomp Chomp Party /Utopian Worldof Sandwiches Party Game
NES Choplifter Nintendo/Dan Gorlin Guerre
GB Choplifter II Victor Interative Software/Beam Software Guerre
SNES Choplifter III Ocean/Beam Software Guerre
DS Chotto DS Bungaku Zenshû (DSiWare) Nintendo/Genius Sonority Inclassable
Wii U Chromophore: The Two Brothers Director’s Cut /
DS Chronicles of Mystery: Curse of the Ancient City Interactive/City Interactive Aventure
Wii U Chronicles of Teddy : Harmony of Exidus Aksys Games/ Plateforme Aventure
Switch Chrono Cross : The Radical Dreamers Edition Square Enix/ RPG
DS Chrono Trigger Square Enix/Square Enix RPG
SNES Chrono Trigger Square Co., Ltd./Square Co., Ltd. RPG
Switch Chronos : Before the Ashes THQ/ Aventure Arcade
3DS Chronus Arc Kemco/ RPG
Wii Chrysler Classic Racing Zoo Games/ Course
DS Chrysler Classic Racing Zoo Games/ Course
Wii U Chubbins /Dahku Creations
Wii Cid The Dummy Oxygen Games/Twelve Interactive Plateforme
DS Cid The Dummy Oxygen Games/Twelve Interactive Plateforme
Switch Circle of Sumo : Online Rumble ! /
Switch Circus Electrique Saber Interactive/Zen Studios RPG Tactique Gestion
Wii U Citadale: Gate of Souls /
Switch Cities Skyline : Nintendo Switch Edition /
Wii U Citizens of Earth Atlus/Eden Industries RPG
3DS Citizens of Earth Atlas/Eden Industries RPG
DS City Life DS Focus Home Interactive/Monte Cristo Multimédia
DS City Racer DS /Candella Software Course
Switch Classic Racers Elite Funbox Media/Vision Reelle Sport Course
N64 Clay Fighter 63 1/3 Interplay Entertainment/Interplay Entertainment Combat
Switch Clea / Survival horror Puzzle
Wii Clever Kids : Dino Land Midas Interactive Entertainment/Gamerholix
DS Clever Kids : Farmyard Fun Midas Interactive Entertainment/Gamerholix
Switch Clive 'N' Wrench Numskull Games/Dinosaur Bytes Studio Plateforme
Switch Clock Simulator Kool2Play/ Rythme
Switch Clockwork Aquario ININ/Westone Bit Entertainment Arcade Aventure
Switch Close to The Sun Wired Production/ Aventure
Wii Closed Nightmare Nippon Ichi Software/ Horror Point & Click
Switch Cloud Gardens /Noio, Thomas van den Berg Bac à sable
Wii U Cloudberry Kingdom Ubisoft/Pwnee Studios Plateforme
Switch Cloudpunk Merge Games/ Aventure Action
3DS Club de Peche StreetPass /
DS Club Penguin : Elite Penguin Force Disney/ Action
Switch Cluedo Hasbro Interactive/ Point & Click Enquête
Switch Clunky Hero /chaosmonger studio Action Plateforme Aventure RPG
Wii U Coaster Crazy Frontier Developments/Frontier Developments Simulation Réflexion
3DS Coaster Creator 3D Gamers Digital/Big John Games
Switch Cobra Kai : The Karate Kid Saga Continues Game Mill Publishing/ Arcade Combat
Wii Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising GameMill Entertainment/ Action Combat
Switch COCOON /
Wii Cocoto : Kart Racer Neko Entertainment/ Course
GC Cocoto : Kart Racer Neko Entertainment/ Course
DS Cocoto : Kart Racer Midway Games/Neko Entertainment Course
GC Cocoto : Kart Racer Bigben Interactive/Neko Entertainment Course
GC Cocoto Fishing Master Bigben Interactive/Neko Entertainment Sport
Wii Cocoto Fishing Master (WiiWare) Neko Entertainment/Neko Entertainment Sport
GC Cocoto Funfair Bigben Interactive/Neko Entertainment Shooter
Wii Cocoto Magic Circus Neko Entertainment/ Shooter
Wii U Cocoto Magic Circus 2 Bigben Interactive/Neko Entertainment Shooter
GC Cocoto Platform Jumper Bigben Interactive/Neko Entertainment Plateforme
GC Cocoto Platform Jumper Neko Entertainment/ Plateforme
DS Code Lyoko KOCH Media/DC Studios Action RPG
Wii Code Lyoko The Game Factory/Neko Entertainment Action Aventure
3DS Code Name : STEAM Nintendo/Intelligent Systems
3DS Code Name S.T.E.A.M Nintendo/Intelligent Systems
3DS Code of Princess Agatsuma Entertainment/Agatsuma Entertainment
Switch Code of Princess EX Nicalis/
Switch Coffin Dodgers Wales Interactive/
Wii Colin McRae : DiRT 2 Codemasters/Codemaster Course
DS Colin McRae : DiRT 2 Codemasters/Codemaster Course
Wii U Collateral Thinking /
Wii U Color Bombs /RCMADIAX Puzzle Arcade Stratégie
DS Color Commando /Goodbye Galaxy Games Plateforme Puzzle
Wii U Color Symphony 2 /
Wii U Color Zen Cypronia/Cypronia Puzzle
Wii U Color Zen Kids Cypronia/Cypronia Puzzle
Switch Colors Live / Dessin
3DS Colors! 3D Collecting Smiles/Collecting Smiles Dessin
DS Colour Cross Rising Star Games/ Réflexion
3DS Combat de Géants : Dinosaures 3D Ubisoft/Ubisoft Combat
Wii Combat Wings : The Great Battles of World War II Square Enix/City Interactive Action Arcade
3DS Comic Workshop Collavier/Collavier Educatif
3DS Comic Workshop 2 Collavier/ Dessin
N64 Command & Conquer Westwood Studios/Looking Glass Studios Stratégie
DS Common Sense Training For Adults DS Nintendo/Nintendo
DS Conan vs. Kindaichi : Meguriau Futari no Meitantei Namco Bandai/ Aventure
3DS Conception II : Children of the Seven Stars Altus/Chunsoft RPG
Wii Conduit 2 Sega/High Voltage FPS
3DS Conduit 3DS Sega/High Voltage FPS
GC Conflict : Desert Storm Running With Scissors/Pivotal Games Action Tactique
GC Conflict : Desert Storm II Running With Scissors/Pivotal Games Action Tactique
Switch Conga Master Party! Rising Star Games/ Rythme
N64 Conker THQ/Rareware Aventure Plateforme
Switch ConnecTank /
GB Construction Zone Mattel Interactive/Griptonite Games
DS Contact Atari/Grasshopper Manufacture Inc
DS Contes en boîte Nintendo/Good Feel Réflexion
Switch CONTRA : Rogue Corps Konami/ Action
DS Contra 4 Konami/WayForward Technologies Action Plateforme
Wii Contra Rebirth Konami/ Action
Switch Contra: Operation Galuga Konami/ Action Plateforme Tir
Switch Control Ultimate Edition / Action
Mobile Contrôle parental Nintendo Switch /
3DS Conveni Dream /
Switch CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story Riot Forge/Double Stallion Games Action Plateforme
DS Cookie Shop Nobilis/Creative Core Inclassable
DS Cooking Mama Nintendo/Taito Cuisine
Wii Cooking Mama 505 Games/Taito Cuisine
Switch Cooking Mama : Cookstar /
3DS Cooking Mama : Sweet Shop 505 Games/Rising Star Games Cuisine Party Game
Wii Cooking Mama 2 : Tous à table 505 Games/Office Create Cuisine
DS Cooking Mama 2 : Tous à table ! 505 Games/Majesco Cuisine
DS Cooking Mama 3 505 Games/Office Create Cuisine
3DS Cooking Mama 4 Majesco Entertainment/Cooking Mama Limited Simulation
3DS Cooking Mama 5 : Bon Appétit 505 Games/Cooking Mama Limited
DS Cooking Mama World : Club Aventure Office Create/ Action Aventure
DS COP : The Recruit Ubisoft/Velez & Dubail Dev. Team Action
Wii Copter Crisis Digital Leisure/Digital Leisure Action
3DS Corpse Party 5pb./
DS Corto Maltese - Fable de Venise /Sproing Aventure
Wii Cosmic Walker Nintendo/Gaia Plateforme
Wii U Cosmochoria /
Wii U Cosmophony Moving Player/Moving Player Rail Shooter Rythme
DS Cosmopolitan Total Relooking Anuman Interactive/Artefacts Studio
Switch Cosmos Bit Ratalaika Games/SEEP Plateforme Aventure Arcade
Wii U Costume Quest 2 /Midnight City RPG
Switch Cotton 100% ININ/ Aventure Tir Arcade
Switch Cotton Fantasy ININ/SUCCESS Corporation Shoot'em up
Switch Cotton Reboot! ININ/ Shoot'em up
Wii Counter Force 505 Games/Hyper Devbox Shoot'em up
Wii Country Dance GameMill Entertainment/High Voltage Danse
Wii Country Dance 2 Game Mill Publishing/Funbox Media Danse
GB Coupe du Monde 98 EA Sports/ Sport
N64 Coupe du Monde 98 EA Sports/Electronic Arts Sport
Wii Coupe du Monde de la FIFA : Afrique du Sud 2010 Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts Sport
DS Coupe du Monde de la FIFA 2006 Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts Sport
GC Coupe du Monde de la FIFA 2006 Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts Sport
GC Coupe du Monde de la FIFA 2006 Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts Sport
GC Coupe du Monde FIFA 2002 Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts Sport
Wii Course à la Fortune Nintendo / Square Enix/Square Enix Party Game
NES Crackout Palcom/Konami Action
Wii Cradle of Rome Cerasus Media /Rising Star Games Puzzle
DS Cradle of Rome 2 Just for Games/ Réflexion Puzzle
DS Crafting Mama Majesco Entertainment/Cooking Mama Limited
Wii Cranium Kabooki Ubisoft/ Réflexion Puzzle
DS Crash : Génération Mutant Sierra Entertainment/Tose Software Plateforme
Wii Crash : Génération Mutant Sierra Entertainment/Radical Entertainment Action
GC Crash Bandicoot : La Vengeance de Cortex Universal Interactive Studios/Traveller's Tales Plateforme
Switch Crash Bandicoot 4 : It's About Time Activision/Toys For Bob Plateforme
Switch Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Activision/Vicarious Vision Plateforme
GBA Crash Bandicoot XS Universal Studios/Vicarious Visons Plateforme
DS Crash Boom Bang ! Vivendi Universal Games/Dimps Party Game
3DS Crash City Mayhem Rocket Company/Climax Entertainment Course
Switch Crash Drive 3 /
GBA Crash Nitro Kart Universal Interactive/ Course
Wii Crash Of The Titans Vivendi Universal Games/Radical Entertainment Aventure Plateforme
Switch Crash Team Racing : Nitro-Fueled Activision/ Course
3DS Crash Time 3D DTP Entertainment AG/ Course
Switch CRAWL / Rogue-Like
3DS Crayon Shin-Chan 3DS Banpresto/Banpresto Plateforme
DS Crazy Chicken Pirates Teyon/Teyon Action
3DS Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D Teyon/Teyon Action
DS Crazy Hunter EnjoyUp Games/EnjoyUp Games Aventure
Switch Crazy Justice /
3DS Crazy Kangaroo /Gamelion Studios
DS Crazy Machines DTP/FAKT Réflexion
GC Crazy Taxi Acclaim Entertainment/Sega Course
Wii Create Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts Plateforme Réflexion
3DS Creeping Terror Sushi Typhoon Games/ Survival horror
Switch Crime O'Clock Just for Games/Bad Seed Enquête
DS Criminology Nobilis/White Birds Productions Aventure Point & Click
3DS Crimson Shroud Level-5/ RPG
Switch Crimsonland / Tir
Switch Cris Tales Modus Games/Dreams Uncorporated RPG
Wii Critter Round-Up (WiiWare) Konami/Epicenter Studios Puzzle
DS Cross of Venus ASCII Media Works/ RPG
Wii U Cross Reverie /Sinxsoft RPG
Switch CrossCode /Radical Fish Games Action RPG
Switch Cruis'n Blast GameMill Entertainment/ Course Arcade
N64 Cruis'n Exotica Midway Games/Midway Course
N64 Cruis'N USA Nintendo/Midway Course
N64 Cruis'n World Nintendo/Eurocom Course
Wii Cruis\'n Midway Games/ Course
Switch Crunchyroll /
3DS Crush3D Sega/Zoë Mode Plateforme
Wii U Cryamore /NostalgiCO
Switch Crying Suns Alt Shift/Alt Shift RPG Stratégie
Switch CRYMACHINA NIS America/Furyu Action RPG
Switch Crypt of the NecroDancer /Brace Yourself Games Aventure Rythme
Switch Crysis Remastered /
Switch Crysis Remastered Trilogy /Crytek FPS Action Tir
Switch Crystal Crisis /Nicalis Puzzle Combat
Wii Crystal Defenders R2 (WiiWare) Square Enix/ Stratégie
Switch Crystar NIS America/Furyu Action RPG
3DS Cube Creator 3D /Big John Games
3DS Cube Creator DX /
Switch Cube Creator X Arc System Works/ Minecraft-like
Wii U Cube Life : Island Survival Cypronia/Cypronia
Wii U Cube Life : Pixel Action Heroes /Cypronia FPS
Switch Cube Life: Island Survival HD Cypronia/Cypronia Minecraft-like
3DS Cube Tactics /
3DS Cubic Ninja /AQ Interactive Action Plateforme
3DS Cubit The Hardcore Platformer Robot /CoderChild
Actu Cuisine-Master /
Wii Cuisto Party : Famille En Folie ! Ubisoft/ Party Game
3DS Culdcept /Omiya Soft
3DS Culdcept Revolt Nintendo/Omiya Soft Cartes
Wii U Cult County Renegade Kid/Renegade Kid FPS
Switch Cult of the Lamb Devolver Digital /Massive Monster Action Aventure Stratégie
Switch Cultist Simulator /
Switch Cuphead /
Switch CUPHEAD: The Delicious Last Course /
Switch Curious Expedition 2 Thunderful/ RPG Stratégie
Wii Curse of the Dead Gods /
Switch Curse of the Sea Rats PQube/Petoons Studio Metroidvania
Wii Cursed Mountain Deep Silver/Sproing Aventure
Switch Cursed to Golf Thunderful/Chuhai Labs Rogue-Like
Switch Curved Space /
N64 Custom Robo Nintendo/Noise Combat
DS Custom Robo Arena Nintendo/Nintendo Combat RPG
N64 Custom ROBO V2 Nintendo/Noise Combat
Wii Cut /
3DS Cut the Rope Zeptolab/Abylight Réflexion
3DS Cut The Rope : Triple Treat Activision/Zeptolab
3DS Cut The Rope Trilogy Activision Blizzard/Exient
Wii U Cutie Clash Yazar Media Group LLC/Yazar Media Group LLC Action Aventure
Switch Cyber Citizen Shockman Ratalaika Games/ Plateforme Aventure
Switch Cyber Citizen Shockman 2: A New Menace Ratalaika Games/Shinyuden Plateforme Aventure
Switch Cyber Hook /
SNES Cyber Spin Takara/Takara Course
SNES Cybernator Palcom/NCS Corporation Action
Actu Cyberpunk 2077 /
N64 CyberTiger EA Sports/Saffire Sport
Switch Cytus Alpha Flyhigh Works/Rayark Games Rythme