Liste des jeux (63)

Nom Editeur/Dévelopeur Genres
Switch 0 /
Switch 0 Degrees /
Wii U 007 Legends Activision/Eurocom FPS
Switch 1,2 Switch Nintendo/Nintendo Party Game
DS 100 Livres Classiques Nintendo/Genius Sonority
GB 1001 Pattes Activision/Tiertex Design Studios Plateforme
N64 1001 Pattes Activision/Traveller's Tales Plateforme
DS 1001 Touch Games Micro Application/
DS 101 in 1 Games Nordcurrent/ Party Game
GC 1080° Avalanche Nintendo/Nintendo Sport
N64 1080° Snowboarding Nintendo/Left Field Sport
Switch 112 Operator /
Switch 12 Minutes /
Switch 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Atlus/Vanillaware Visual novel RPG
GC 18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker Acclaim Entertainment/Acclaim Entertainment Course
3DS 2 Fast 4 Gnomz /QubicGames Plateforme
Switch 20 Ladies eastasiasoft/One Hand Free Studios
Switch 20XX Batterystaple Games/Fire Hose Games Action Plateforme Rogue-Like
Switch 30-in-1 Game Collection: Volume 1 /
3DS 35 Jeux Classiques Emme/Emme Compilation
Switch 35MM Sometimes You/ Casse-tête Aventure
Wii U 360 Breakout nuGAME/ Arcade Puzzle
3DS 3D Afterburner 2 Sega/ Action
3DS 3D Altered Beast Sega/Sega Action Aventure
3DS 3D Classics Kid Icarus Nintendo/Nintendo Action Plateforme Shoot'em up
3DS 3D Classics TwinBee Konami/Konami Shoot'em up
3DS 3D Classics Xevious Nintendo/Namco Bandai Shoot'em up
3DS 3D Fantasy Zone : Opa-Opa Bros Sega/Sega Shoot'em up
3DS 3D Gunstar Heroes Sega/ Action
3DS 3D Out Run Sega/M2 Course Arcade
Wii 3D Pixel Racing Nintendo/Microforum Course
3DS 3D Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master Sega/Sega Action Aventure
3DS 3D Sonic the hedgehog Sega/Sega Plateforme
3DS 3D Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Sega/Sega Plateforme
3DS 3D Space Harrier Sega/Sega Shoot'em up
3DS 3D Street of Rage 2 Sega/M2 Action Aventure
3DS 3D Super Hang-On Sega/Sega Course
Wii U 3Souls /Red Colum
DS 42 Jeux Indémodables Nintendo/Nintendo
DS 42 Jeux Indémodables : Onajimi Table (DSiWare) Nintendo/Agenda
DS 42 Jeux Indémodables : Otegaru Trump (DSiWare) Nintendo/Agenda
Wii 428 Sega/Chunsoft Aventure
Switch 51 Nintendo/
Switch 51 Worldwide Games Nintendo/
Wii U 6180 the moon /Turtle Cream Plateforme
N64 64 Sumo Bottom Up/Bottom Up Sport
N64 64 Sumo 2 Bottom Up/Bottom Up Sport
Switch 7 Billion Humans /Tomorrow Corporation
Wii U 7Nights /
DS 7th Dragon Sega/Epoch RPG
3DS 7th Dragon III: Code VFD Sega/ Action
Switch 7th Sector Носков Сергей/ Носков Сергей Réflexion Puzzle
DS 8 Ball All Stars Oxygen Games/ Sport
Wii U 8 Bit Hero: The Final Knight Legendary Bros/Legendary Bros Action Aventure
Actu 8 Bit Music Power /
Wii U 8-Bit Boy /AwesomeBlade Software Plateforme
3DS 80's Overdrive /
Switch 88 Heroes : 98 Heroes Edition Rising Star Games/ Plateforme
Switch 9 Monkeys of Shaolin KOCH Media/Sobaka Studio Combat Action Arcade
DS 99 Moves EnjoyUp Games/EnjoyUp Games Réflexion
DS 99 Seconds /EnjoyUp Games Réflexion
DS 999 : Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors Spike/Chunsoft Aventure
Wii U 99Seconds /EnjoyUp Games