Liste des jeux (405)

Nom Editeur/Dévelopeur Genres
GC b Ubisoft/Destination Software
Wii U B3 Game Expo for Bees /Famous Gamous
DS Baby Life Deep Silver/Game Life Simulation
Switch Baby Storm /
Wii Babysitting Mamma Majesco Entertainment/505 Games
Wii Back To The Future : The Game Telltale Games/Telltale Games
GC Bad Boys 2 Empire Interactive/Blitz Games Action Shooter
Switch Bad North Raw Fury/Plausible Concept Action Stratégie
3DS Badges Collection Center /
Wii U BADLAND : Game of the Year Edition /
Switch BADLAND : Game of the Year Edition Qubic Games/ Aventure
Switch BAFL - Brakes Are For Losers / Course
SNES Bahamut Lagoon Squaresoft/Squaresoft
Wii U Baila Latino O2 Games/ Danse
Wii Baja Racing Conspiracy Entertainment Corporation/ Course
Wii Bakugan Activision/Now Production Cartes
DS BAKUGAN : Rise of the Resistance Activision/ Cartes
DS Bakuman : La Route pour devenir Mangaka Namco Bandai/
Switch Balan Wonderworld Square Enix/Balan Company Action
Switch Baldo : The Guardian Owls /Naps Team RPG
GC Baldur's Gate Interplay Entertainment/Snowblind Studios RPG
Switch Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Interplay Entertainment/ RPG Action
Wii U bAll or Nothing /Nexis Games
NES Balloon Fight Nintendo/Nintendo Action
Wii U Ballpoint Universe /Arachnide Games
Wii U Ballpoint Universe : Infinite Nintendo/Arachnid Games Plateforme
Wii Balls of Fury Zoo Digital Group/Black Lantern Studios
Wii Band Hero Activision/ Rythme
DS Band Hero Activision/Vicarious Visions Rythme
Wii Band Mashups THQ/Planet Moon Musique
Wii Bang! (WiiWare) /Engine Software Puzzle
N64 Bangai-O ESP/Treasure Action
DS Bangai-O Spirits D3Publisher/Treasure Action
GC Banjo Pilot THQ/Rareware Course
N64 Banjo-Kazooie Nintendo/Rareware Plateforme
GC Banjo-Kazooie : La Revanche De Grunty THQ/Rareware Plateforme
N64 Banjo-Tooie Nintendo/Rareware Plateforme
Switch Banners of Ruin Goblinz Studio/MonteBearo RPG Stratégie
GC Barbarian Titus/Saffire Combat
DS Barbie Au Bal Des 12 Princesses Activision/Activision Action
Wii Barbie Aventure Equestre Activision/ Aventure
Switch Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Nighthawk Interactive/Budge Studios Party Game
Wii Barbie Princesse De L\'Ile Merveilleuse Activision/Activision Party Game
Wii Baroque Atlus/Atlus RPG
Switch Barry the Bunny Ratalaika Games/lightUP Action Plateforme Arcade
NES Base Wars Ultra Software Corporation/Konami Sport
NES Baseball Nintendo/Nintendo Sport
N64 BASS Masters 2000 THQ/Mass Media Sport
Switch Bass Pro Shops : The Strike – Championship Edition / Sport Simulation
GC Baten Kaitos Namco/Monolith Soft
GC Baten Kaitos : Les ailes éternelles... Namco/Monolith Soft RPG
GC Baten Kaitos : Origins Nintendo/Monolith Soft
Switch Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster Bandai Namco/ RPG
Wii batman /
NES Batman - Return of the Joker Sunsoft/Sunsoft Action
Wii U Batman : Arkham City - Armoured Edition Warner Bros. Interactive/Warner Bros. Interactive Action Aventure
Wii U Batman : Arkham Origins Warner Bros/Warner Bros. Interactive Action
3DS Batman : Arkham Origins Blackgate Warner Bros/Armature Studio Action
Wii Batman : L'Alliance des Héros Warner Bros. Interactive/WayForward Technologies Action Aventure
Switch Batman : The Enemy Within /Telltale Games
Wii U Batman Arkham Origins : Blackgate Warner Bros. Interactive/Armature Studio Action
GC Batman Begins Electronic Arts/Eurocom Action Plateforme
N64 Batman of the Future : Return of the Joker Ubisoft/Kemco Action
Switch Batman The Telltale Series Telltale Games/Telltale Games Aventure
GC Batman Vengeance Ubisoft/Ubisoft Action
Switch Batman: Arkham Collection / Action Aventure
Wii U Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Deluxe Edition Warner Bros Games/Armature Action Aventure
Switch Batman: Arkham Trilogy Warner Bros Games/ Action
GC Batman: Dark Tomorrow Kemco/ Action
Wii Batman: L’Alliance des Héros Warner Bros. Interactive/ Action
DS Batman: L’Alliance des Héros Warner Bros. Interactive/WayForward Technologies Action Aventure
GC Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu Ubisoft/ Action
Switch Batman: The Enemy Within /Telltale Games Aventure
Switch Batora: Lost Haven /
GC Battalion Wars Nintendo/Kuju Entertainment Action Stratégie
Wii Battle Arena Toshinden Takara Tomy/Dream Factory Combat
Switch Battle Brothers Ukiyo Publishing/ Aventure RPG Action Stratégie
Switch Battle Chasers: Nightwar THQ / Nordic Games/
Switch Battle Chef Brigade / Action Réflexion
NES Battle Chess Data East/Beam Software
3DS Battle of Elemental Reboost /
Switch Battle Princess Madelyn /Causal Bit Games Action Plateforme
Wii Battle Rage : The Robot Wars Data Design Interactive/Destan Entertainment Action
GC Battle Stadium D.O.N Namco Bandai/8ing Combat
3DS Battleminer Wobbly Tooth Game/ Action
DS Battles of Prince of Persia Ubisoft/ Stratégie
NES Battleship Mindscape/
GB Battleship Mindscape/
Wii Battleship Activision/Double Helix FPS Guerre
DS Battleship Activision/Magic Pockets FPS Guerre
3DS Battleship Activision/Magic Pockets FPS Guerre
N64 BattleTanx 3DO Company/3DO Company
N64 BattleTanx : Global Assault 3DO Company/3DO Company Action
N64 Battlezone : Rise of the Black Dogs Crave Entertainment/Climax Entertainment Action
Wii U Bayonetta 1 Nintendo/Platinium Games Action
Switch Bayonetta 1 & 2 Nintendo/PlatinumGames
Wii U Bayonetta 2 Nintendo/Platinum Games Beat'em all
Switch Bayonetta 3 Nintendo/PlatinumGames
Switch Bayonetta Origins : Cereza and The Lost Demon Nintendo / Sega/Platinum Games Aventure
Switch Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island Adventure /
GC Beach Spikers Sega/AM2 Sport
Switch Bear's Restaurant /
3DS Beast Saga : The Strongest Clash in the Colosseum /
Switch Beasties Just for Games/rokaplay Puzzle RPG
Switch Beasts of Maravilla Island /
Switch Beat Souls /
Wii Beat the Beat : Rhythm Paradise Nintendo/Nintendo Rythme
Wii U Beatbuddy THREAKS/ Aventure
Switch Beautiful Desolation Untold Tales/The Brotherhood Aventure RPG Plateforme Stratégie
Switch Beautiful Ukraine Cubic Games/ Puzzle
Wii Bee Movie Game: Drôle d\'Abeille Activision/Midway Action Plateforme
Switch BEE Simulator /
N64 Beetle Adventure Racing Electronic Arts/Paradigm Entertainment Inc. Course
DS Beetle King 505 Games/Digital Bros Action
Switch Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery /
Wii Ben 10 : Alien Force D3Publisher/ Action Beat'em all
DS Ben 10 : Alien Force D3Publisher/ Action Beat'em all
Wii U Ben 10 : Omniverse D3Publisher/Vicious Cycle Action
Wii Ben 10 : Omniverse D3Publisher/1st Playable Productions Action
3DS Ben 10 : Omniverse D3Publisher/1st Playable Productions Action
Wii Ben 10 : Protector of Earth D3Publisher/High Voltage Beat'em all
DS Ben 10 : Protector of Earth D3Publisher/1st Playable Productions Action
Wii Ben 10 Galactic Racing D3Publisher/Monkey Bar Games Course
DS Ben 10 Galactic Racing D3Publisher/Monkey Bar Games Course
3DS Ben 10 Galactic Racing Namco Bandai/Monkey Bar Games Course
DS Ben 10 Triple Pack D3Publisher/Namco Bandai Compilation
Switch Best Day Ever / Simulation Gestion
Wii Best of des Jeux en Famille Electronic Arts/
3DS Beyblade Burst /Furyu
DS Beyblade Metal Masters : Nightmare Rex Hudson Soft/ Action Combat
GC Beyblade: VForce Atari/Takara Action
Switch Beyond a Steel Sky Microïds/Revolution Software Aventure Casse-tête
Switch Beyond Blue E-line Media/ Aventure Simulation
GC Beyond Good & Evil Ubisoft/Ubisoft Action Aventure
Wii U Beyond Good & Evil 2 Ubisoft/Ubisoft Action Aventure
3DS Beyond the Labyrinth Konami/Tri-Ace
NES Bible Adventures Wisdom Tree/Wisdom Tree Action Plateforme
Wii Bible Adventures /Left Behind Games
DS Bien-Etre du Visage Nintendo/Intelligent Systems
DS Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis Mindscape/ Party Game
Wii Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis Mindscape/Mindscape Party Game
DS Bienvenue Chez Les Robinson Buena Vista Interactive/Avalanche Software Action Aventure
GC Big Air Freestyle Atari/ Course
DS Big Bang Mini SouthPeak Games/Arkedo Studio Shoot'em up
Wii Big Beach Sports THQ/HB Studios Sport
Wii Big Catch Bass Fishing 505 Games/
Wii Big Catch Bass Fishing 2 505 Games/
Wii Big Family Games THQ/Jet Black Games Party Game
N64 Big Mountain 2000 SouthPeak Games/Imagineer Sport
GC Big Mutha Truckers Empire Interactive/ Course
Switch Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions /Survios Combat Arcade
Wii Bigley's Revenge Ninja Pig Studios/ Shooter
3DS Bike Rider DX /Spicysoft Corporation
3DS Bike Rider DX 2: Galaxy /Spicysoft Corporation
Wii U Bike Rider UltraDX - World Tour Spicysoft Corporation/ Action
DS Biker Mice - les motards de l\\\'espace The Game Factory/The Game Factory Action Course
Wii BILLIARD D3Publisher/ Simulation Sport
GC Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Sega/Sonic Team Action Plateforme
Wii Billy the Wizard Metro 3D/Data Design Interactive Action Plateforme
N64 BioFreaks Midway Games/Saffire Combat
Wii Bionicle Heroes Eidos Interactive/Traveller's Tales Action
DS Bionicle Heroes Eidos Interactive/Traveller's Tales FPS
Switch Bioshock : The Collection 2K Games/ FPS Aventure Action
Wii U Bioshock Infinite 2K Games/Irrationnal Games FPS
Wii U Bird Mania Party Teyon/ Arcade
Switch Birthdays The Beginning Arc System Works/ Minecraft-like
Switch Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic! eastasiasoft/Zoo Corporation Action Arcade Casse-tête
Wii Bit Boy!! /Bplus Action Aventure
3DS Bit Boy!! ARCADE Bplus/Bplus Action
Wii Bit. Trip Complete Rising Star Games/Gaijin Games Action
Wii Bit. Trip Fate Aksys Games/Gaijin Games Shoot'em up
Wii Bit. Trip Flux Aksys Games/Gaijin Games Shooter
3DS Bit. Trip Saga Rising Star Games/Gaijin Games Action
Wii U Bit.Trip Presents : Runner 2 - Future Legend of Rhythm Alien Gaijin Entertainment/Gaijin Games Plateforme Musique
Wii Bittos+ /Machine Studios Puzzle
Wii U Bizerta : Silent Evil /Edrox Interactive Horror
DS Black & White Creatures Majesco Entertainment/FullFat Stratégie
DS Black Cat Compile Heart/ Cartes
DS Black Jack : The Phoenix Version Sega/Genki Action
Switch Black Legend /Warcave Aventure RPG Stratégie
Switch Blacksad : Under the Skin Microïds/Pendulo Studios Aventure
Switch Blade Arcus from Shining Rebellion Sega/ Combat
Switch Blade of Darkness Qubic Games/ Action Aventure
Switch Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition Nightdive Studios/ Point & Click
Switch Blade Strangers Nicalis/ Combat
GC Blades of Thunder Summitsoft Corporation/Interactive Vision Action
DS Blades of Thunder II Summitsoft Corporation/Interactive Vision Action
Switch Blades of Time Gaijin Entertainment/ Action Aventure
Wii Blair Witch /
Switch BLANC /
Switch Blasphemous /
Switch Blasphemous (physique) Team 17/The Game Kitchen Aventure RPG
Switch Blasphemous II Team 17/The Game Kitchen Aventure Plateforme
Switch Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread / Plateforme Aventure Arcade
N64 Blast Corps Nintendo/Rareware Action
Wii Blast Works : Build, Fuse & Destroy Majesco Sales/Budcat Shoot'em up
3DS Blast'Em Bunnies Nnooo/Nnooo FPS Action
Wii U Blaster Master Sunsoft/Sunsoft
Switch Blaster Master Zero /
Wii Blaster Master: Overdrive Sunsoft/Sunsoft Action
3DS Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition /
3DS BlayzBloo : Clone Phantasma Arc System Works/ Action
Switch BlazBlue : Central Fiction Special Edition /Arc System Works
3DS BlazBlue : Clone Phantasma Arc System Works/Arc System Works
3DS BlazBlue : Continuum Shift II Arc System Works/ Combat
Switch BlazBlue : Cross Tag Battle /Arc System Works Combat
Wii Blazing Angels : Squadrons Of WWII Ubisoft/Ubisoft Simulation
NES Blazing Rangers First Press Games/Karu_Gamo Action Arcade Casse-tête
DS Bleach : Dark Souls Sega/Treasure Combat
Wii Bleach : Shattered Blade Sega/Sega Combat
Wii Bleach : Versus Crusade Sega/Treasure Combat
DS Bleach DS Sega/Treasure Combat
DS Bleach DS 2nd Sega/Treasure Action Combat
DS Bleach Flame Bringer Sega/ Beat'em all
GC Bleach GC Sega/Sega Combat
DS Bleach The 3rd Phantom Sega/Sega
Switch Bleak Sword DX Devolver Digital /more8bit Aventure
Switch BLEED 2 /
Wii U Blek Broken Rules/ Puzzle
Switch Blizzard Arcade Collection Blizzard/ Arcade
Actu Bloc ? Super Mario 64 / LEGO
Wii Block Breaker Deluxe (WiiWare) Gameloft/ Action
3DS Block Factory Enjoy Gaming/Enjoy Gaming Puzzle
N3DS Block Form /
Wii U Blockara /
Wii U Blocky Bot /Mobot studios Plateforme
Wii U Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion /RCMADIAX
3DS Bloo Kid /
3DS Bloo Kid 2 winterworks/winterworks
DS Blood Blow Focus Home Games/Amusement Cyanide Inc. Sport Tactique
DS Blood of Bahamut Square Enix/ RPG
Switch BloodRayne 2: ReVamped Ziggurat/ Action Tir Plateforme
Switch BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites Ziggurat/WayForward Action Plateforme Aventure
Switch BloodRayne: ReVamped Ziggurat/ Tir Action Plateforme
Switch Bloodshore /
Switch Bloodstained : Ritual of the Night 505 Games/Igavania Action Aventure
Wii U Bloody Allow /
Switch Bloody Rally Show /
GC Bloody Roar : Primal Fury Activision/Hudson Soft Combat
DS Blue Dragon Behemoth of the Otherworld Namco Bandai/Mistwalker RPG
DS Blue Dragon Plus AQ Interactive/Brownie Brown Stratégie RPG
Switch Blue Fire / Action Aventure
Wii Blue Oasis (WiiWare) Hudson Soft/Hudson Soft
Switch BLUE REFLECTION: Second Light Koei Tecmo/Gust RPG
NES Blue Shadow Taito Corporation/Natsume Action
N64 Blues Brothers 2000 Titus/Player 1 Plateforme
GC BMX XXX Acclaim Entertainment/Z-Axis Sport
Switch Bob l'éponge : Bataille pour Bikini Bottom - Réhydraté THQ / Nordic Games/ Plateforme Aventure
DS Bob l'Eponge : Bulle en Atlantide THQ/ Action Plateforme
Wii Bob l'Eponge : Bulle en Atlantide THQ/Blitz Games Plateforme
Switch Bob L'éponge : Cuisine en Folie / Simulation
DS Bob L'Eponge : Dessine ton Héros THQ/Altron Action Aventure
DS Bob L'Eponge : Friture en Folie THQ/THQ Action Plateforme
DS Bob l'Eponge : La créature du crabe croustillant THQ/ Action Plateforme
Wii Bob l'Eponge : La créature du crabe croustillant THQ/Blitz Games Action Combat
Wii U Bob l'Eponge : La Vengeance Robotique de Plankton Activision/Behaviour Interactive Plateforme
Wii Bob l'Eponge : La Vengeance Robotique de Plankton Activision/Behaviour Interactive Plateforme
3DS Bob l'Eponge : La Vengeance Robotique de Plankton Activision/Behaviour Interactive Plateforme
DS Bob L'Eponge : Super Vengeur THQ/THQ Action Plateforme
DS Bob L'Eponge : Surf & Skate Roadtrip THQ/ Sport
DS Bob L'Eponge & ses Amis contre les Robots-Jouets THQ/ Action Plateforme
Wii Bob L'Eponge & ses Amis contre les Robots-Jouets THQ/ Plateforme
Wii Bob L'Eponge & Ses Amis l'Ultime Alliance THQ/ Plateforme
DS Bob L'Eponge & Ses Amis l'Ultime Alliance THQ/ Plateforme
Switch Bob l'éponge: The Cosmic Shake THQ / Nordic Games/ Plateforme
DS Bob le bricoleur : Festival of Fun Blast !/ Action
Wii Bobby Carrot Forever (WiiWare) /FDG Entertainment Aventure
N64 Body Harvest Gremlin Interactive/Rockstar Games Action
Switch Bohemian Killing Ultimate Games/ Aventure Action
GC Boktai : The Sun Is In Your Hand Konami/Konami Action RPG
GC Boktai 2 : Solar Boy Django Konami/Konami Action RPG
3DS Bomb Monkey Renegade Kid/Renegade Kid Puzzle
Switch Bomb Rush Cyberfunk /Team Reptile Plateforme Sport Aventure
NES Bomberman Hudson Soft/Hudson Soft Action
Retro Bomberman '94 /Hudson Soft Party Game
DS Bomberman 2 Hudson Soft/Hudson Soft Action
3DS Bomberman 3D /Hudson Soft Action
N64 Bomberman 64 Nintendo/Racjin Action
N64 Bomberman 64 : The Second Attack Nintendo/Hudson Soft Action
Wii Bomberman Blast (WiiWare) Hudson Soft/Hudson Soft Action
DS Bomberman DS Ubisoft/Hudson Soft Action
GB Bomberman GB Nintendo/Nintendo Action
GC Bomberman Generation Majesco Entertainment/Hudson Soft Réflexion
N64 Bomberman Hero Nintendo/Hudson Soft Action Plateforme
DS Bomberman II Hudson Soft/ Action
GC Bomberman Jetters Hudson Soft/Hudson Soft Action
GC Bomberman Jetters Hudson Soft/Hudson Soft Action
GC Bomberman Jetters Game Collection Hudson Soft/ Party Game
Wii Bomberman Land Hudson Soft/Hudson Soft Party Game
GC Bomberman Land 2 Hudson Soft/ Action
DS Bomberman Land Touch ! Hudson Soft/Rising Star Games Action
DS Bomberman Land Touch ! 2 Atlus/Hudson Soft Action Aventure
GC Bomberman MAX 2 : Blue Advance Majesco Entertainment/Hudson Soft Action
GC Bomberman MAX 2 : Red Advance Majesco Entertainment/Hudson Soft Action
DS Bomberman Story DS Rising Star Games/Hudson Soft Action
GC Bomberman Tournament Activision/Hudson Soft Action
Wii U Bombing Bastards Sanuk Games/Sanuk Games Action
Switch Bone Marrow Ratalaika Games/ Arcade Casse-tête
Switch Bonfire Peaks Draknek & Friends/Corey Martin Aventure Casse-tête
Wii Bonsai Barber Nintendo/Nintendo
DS Boogie Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts Rythme
Wii Boogie Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts Musique
Wii Boogie Superstar Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts Rythme
DS Bookstore Dream CIRCLE Entertainment LTD/
Wii Boom Blox Electronic Arts/ Action Réflexion
Wii Boom Blox Bash Party Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts Puzzle
Switch Boomerang X /
Switch Boost Beast Arc System Works/Arzest Puzzle
Switch Borderlands : Legendary Collection 2K Games/ Action FPS
Switch Borderlands 2 2K Games/Gearbox Software
Switch Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition 2K Games/Gearbox Software FPS
Switch Boreal Blade /Frozenbyte
Switch Born of Bread Dear Villagers/WildArts RPG
N64 Bottom of the 9th Konami/KCEO Sport
NES Boulder Dash JVC/First Star Software Arcade
Switch Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection ININ/ Arcade
3DS Boulder Dash-XL 3D Solutions 2 Go/Catnip Games Action
DS Boule et Bill : Vive les Vacances ! Anuman Interactive/ Party Game
3DS Box Boy Nintendo/HAL Laboratory Puzzle
Switch BOX BOY! + BOX GIRL! Nintendo/HAL Laboratory Puzzle
3DS BOXBOXBOY! Nintendo/HAL Laboratory Puzzle
3DS BoxBoy! Nintendo/HAL Laboratory
3DS BOXBOY! 2 Nintendo/HAL Laboratory Puzzle
Switch Braid Anniversary Edition /
Switch Bramble: The Mountain King Merge Games/Dimfrost Studio Aventure
DS Bratz : Forever Diamondz THQ/Barking Lizards Party Game
DS Bratz : Super Babyz THQ/Creat Studios Inclassable
Wii Bratz Girlz Really Rock THQ/ Inclassable
Wii Bratz Kidz Party Game Factory/ Party Game
Wii Bratz Party Game Factory/ Party Game
DS Bratz Ponyz The Game Factory/Neko Entertainment Inclassable
DS Bratz Ponyz 2 The Game Factory/ Inclassable
Switch Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion Outright Games/
Wii Bratz: The Movie / Aventure
3DS Brave Company Namco Bandai/Cattle Call Simulation
3DS Brave Dungeon /
Wii Brave: A Warrior's Tale SouthPeak Games/ Action Aventure
3DS Bravely Default Square Enix/Silicon Studio RPG
Mobile Bravely Default : Fairy's Effect Square Enix/Silicon Studio RPG
Switch Bravely Default II Square Enix/ RPG
3DS Bravely Second : End Layer Nintendo / Square Enix/Silicon Studio RPG
Switch Bravery and Greed Team 17/Rekka games Action Plateforme Aventure
Switch Brawl Qubic Games/Bloober Team Réflexion Action
Switch Brawlhalla Ubisoft/
Switch Brawlout /
DS Break Tactics /
Switch Breakers Collection QUByte Interactive/ Action Combat Arcade
Switch Breakout: Recharged Atari/
GC Breath of Fire Ubisoft/Capcom RPG
GC Breath of Fire II Ubisoft/Capcom RPG
Actu Brevet Nintendo /
Switch Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator Fireshine Games/Auroch Digital Simulation
GC Brick'em All D3Publisher/ Action
DS Brick'em All DS D3Publisher/ Action
DS Brico Utile Neko Entertainment/Dancing Dots
Wii U Bridge Constructor Playground Joindots/ Simulation
Switch Bridge Constructor Portal Headup Games/
Switch Bridge Strike Drageus Games/
Switch Brigandine : The Legend of Runersia Happinet Corporation/Matrix Software Stratégie RPG Simulation
Switch BROK the InvestiGator /COWCAT Action Aventure Point & Click
Switch Broken Mind / Visual novel Casse-tête
Switch Brothers : A tale of Two Sons 505 Games/ Aventure Puzzle
DS Brothers in Arms DS Ubisoft/Gearbox Software Action Guerre
Wii Brothers in Arms: Double Time Ubisoft/Ubisoft FPS
Wii Bruiser & Scratch (WiiWare) /Steel Penny Games Puzzle
N64 Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling THQ/Point of view Sport
3DS Brunswick Pro Bowling Digital Bros/ Sport
Wii Brunswick Pro Bowling 505 Games/Point of view Sport
Wii U Brunswick Pro Bowling /
Switch Bubble Bobble 4 Friends ININ/Taito Puzzle
3DS Bubble Pop World Nintendo/Cypronia
Switch Bubsy : Paws on Fire! Choice Provisions/ Plateforme
N64 Buck Bumble Ubisoft/Argonaut Games Shoot'em up
DS Buffy The Vampire Slayer : Sacrifice Digital Bros/505 Games Action FPS
Switch Bug Academy Ultimate Games/ Aventure Plateforme Casse-tête
GB Bugs Bunny & Lola Bunny : Opération Carottes Infogrames/ Plateforme
DS Build-A-Bear Workshop The Game Factory/Neko Entertainment
Switch Buildings Have Feelings Too ! Merge Games/ Simulation Stratégie Casse-tête
Switch Buissons /
Switch Bulb Boy /
Wii Bully : Scholarship Edition Rockstar Games/Rockstar Games Action
DS Bunnyz Ubisoft/ Party Game
DS Burger Island Destineer Studios/
GC Burnout Acclaim Entertainment/Criterion Studios Course
GC Burnout 2 : Point of Impact Acclaim Entertainment/Criterion Studios Course
DS Burnout Legends Electronic Arts/Visual Impact Course
Switch Burnout Paradise : Remastered Electronic Arts/ Course
Actu Business /
3DS Bust-a-Move : Universe Konami/ Réflexion
GB Bust-A-Move 2 Arcade Edition Acclaim Entertainment/ Puzzle
N64 Bust-A-Move 2 Arcade Edition Acclaim Entertainment/Probe Software Puzzle
N64 Bust-A-Move 3 DX Acclaim Entertainment/Taito Puzzle
Wii Bust-A-Move Revolution 505 Games/Taito Puzzle
3DS Butterfly : Inchworm Animation II Flat Black Films / Dessin Simulation
Switch Button City /
Wii BWii : Battalion Wars 2 Nintendo/Kuju Entertainment Action Stratégie
3DS Bye-Bye ! BoxBoy! Nintendo/HAL Laboratory Puzzle