Liste des jeux (233)

Nom Editeur/Dévelopeur Genres
Switch Hades / RPG Aventure Action
3DS Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi Aksys Games/ Visual novel
DS Hamsterz Ubisoft/Ubisoft
GC Hamsterz 2 Ubisoft/ Party Game
3DS Hana Samurai : Art of the Sword Nintendo/Grounding Action
Switch Handy Mah-jong /
3DS Happy Animals Ubisoft/ Simulation
DS Happy Bakery / Cuisine
Switch Happy Birthdays NIS America/ Stratégie Simulation
DS Happy Cooking Ubisoft/
Wii Happy Feet Midway Games/A2M Action Combat
DS Happy Feet 2 Warner Bros. Interactive/KMM Games Rythme
Wii Happy Feet 2 Warner Bros. Interactive/KMM Games Rythme
3DS Happy Feet 2 Warner Bros. Interactive/WayForward Technologies Rythme
Switch Happy Game /
DS Happy My Sweets Global A Entertainment/ Cuisine
Switch HARDCORE MECHA Lightning Games/RocketPunch Games Aventure Action Tir RPG
DS Hardcore Pool Frontline Studios/Frontline Studios
Wii Harley-Davidson Road Trip Tradewest Games/ Course
3DS HarmoKnight Nintendo/Game Freak Aventure Rythme
Switch Harmony’s Odyssey MythicOwl/ Casse-tête Aventure Arcade
GC Harry Potter : Coupe du monde de Quidditch Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts Sport
GC Harry Potter A l'Ecole Des Sorciers Electronic Arts/Griptonite Games Action Aventure
GB Harry Potter à l'Ecole des Sorciers Electronic Arts/Griptonite Games RPG Aventure
Wii Harry Potter et l'Ordre du Phénix Electronic Arts/ Aventure
DS Harry Potter et l'Ordre du Phénix Electronic Arts/ Aventure
GC Harry Potter Et La Chambre Des Secrets Electronic Arts/Eurocom Action Aventure
GC Harry Potter et la Chambre des Secrets Electronic Arts/Eurocom Action Aventure
GC Harry Potter Et La Coupe De Feu Electronic Arts/Magic Pockets Action Aventure
DS Harry Potter Et La Coupe De Feu Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts Action
DS Harry Potter et le Prince de sang mêlé Electronic Arts/ Action Aventure
Wii Harry Potter et le Prince de Sang-Mêlé Electronic Arts/ Action Aventure
GC Harry Potter Et Le Prisonnier d'Azkaban Electronic Arts/Griptonite Games RPG
GC Harry Potter Et Le Prisonnier d'Azkaban Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts Action Aventure
Wii Harry Potter et les Reliques de la Mort Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts Action
DS Harry Potter et les Reliques de la Mort Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts Action
DS Harvest Fishing Marvelous/Natsume
SNES Harvest Moon Natsume/Natsume RPG
3DS Harvest Moon : A New Beginning Marvelous AQL/Natsume Simulation
GC Harvest Moon : A Wonderful Life Ubisoft/Natsume RPG
Wii Harvest Moon : Animal March Marvelous Interactive/Natsume
Wii Harvest Moon : Animal Parade Natsume/Natsume
GC Harvest Moon : Another Wonderful Life Marvelous/Natsume RPG
3DS Harvest Moon : Connect to the New Land Marvelous AQL/Marvelous Entertainment
GC Harvest Moon : Friends of Mineral Town Rising Star Games/Natsume RPG
DS Harvest Moon : Grand Bazaar Natsume/ Simulation
DS Harvest Moon : Island of Happiness Rising Star Games/Natsume
Wii Harvest Moon : L'arbre de Sérénité Marvelous Interactive/Natsume Simulation
Switch Harvest Moon : Lumière d'Espoir Natsume Inc./Natsume Inc.
Switch Harvest Moon : Lumière d'Espoir - Special Edition - Complete Natsume Inc./Natsume Inc. Simulation
Switch Harvest Moon : Mad Dash Rising Star Games/Natsume Party Game
Wii Harvest Moon : Melodie Magique Rising Star Games/Natsume
GC Harvest Moon : Mélodie Magique Rising Star Games/Natsume RPG
GC Harvest Moon : More Friends of Mineral Town Marvelous/Natsume RPG
Wii Harvest Moon : My Little Shop /Natsume
Wii Harvest Moon : My Little Shop Marvelous Entertainment/Natsume
Wii U Harvest Moon : Seeds of Memories Marvelous/Natsume Simulation
3DS Harvest Moon : Skytree Village /Natsume Simulation
GC Harvest Moon : Song of Happiness for World Marvelous/Natsume RPG
DS Harvest Moon : Sun and Friends Marvelous/Natsume RPG
DS Harvest Moon : Sunshine Islands Natsume/Natsume
3DS Harvest Moon : The Lost Valley Natsume/Natsume Simulation
3DS Harvest Moon : The Tale of Two Towns Natsume/Marvelous Entertainment Simulation
DS Harvest Moon : Twin Villages Marvelous Entertainment/Natsume
Switch Harvest Moon : Un Monde à Cultiver /Natsume Simulation
DS Harvest Moon : Welcome to the Bazaar of Wind Marvelous/ RPG
N64 Harvest Moon 64 Natsume/Pack-In-Soft RPG
DS Harvest Moon DS Rising Star Games/Natsume RPG
DS Harvest Moon DS Cute Marvelous/ RPG
GB Harvest Moon GB Natsume/Victor Interactive Software RPG
3DS Harvest Moon: Le village de l'arbre céleste Marvelous AQL/Marvelous Entertainment RPG Simulation
Switch Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope Rising Star Games/Natsume Simulation
3DS Harvest Moon: Mitsu no Sato no Taisetsu no Tomodachi /
Switch Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos Numskull Games/Natsume Simulation
Switch HARVESTELLA Square Enix/ Simulation RPG
Switch Has Been Heroes Frozenbyte/
Switch Hatsune Miku : Project DIVA Mega Mix Sega/Sega Rythme
3DS Hatsune Miku : Project Mirai DX Sega/Sega Musique
3DS Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project Mirai Sega/Project DIVA Rythme
3DS Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 Sega/ Rythme
Switch Haunted Chocolatier ConcernedApe/ RPG Simulation
Switch Haunted Dungeons - Hyakki Castle /
NES Haunted Halloween '85 /Retrotainment Games Plateforme Action
NES Haunted Halloween '86 : The Curse Of Possum Hollow /Retrotainment Games
Switch Have a Blast Firenut/ Tir Action
Switch Have A Nice Death Gearbox Publishing/Magic Design Studios Rogue-Like
Switch Haven The Game Baker/The Game Baker RPG
Switch Haven Park /
Switch Hazelnut Bastille /Aloft Studios Metroidvania
Switch Headbangers: Rhythm Royale /
Switch Heading Out - A Narrative Road Movie Racing Game /
Switch Headland /Northplay Aventure RPG Action
Switch Heart & Slash /
Wii U Heart Forth, Alicia / Action RPG
Wii Heatseeker Codemasters/Codemaster Sport Simulation
Switch Heaven Dust 2 indienova/One Gruel Studio Aventure Tir Action
Wii Heavy Fire : Black Arms /Teyon Rail Shooter
Wii Heavy Fire : Special Operations Teyon/Teyon
3DS Heavy Fire : Special Operations 3D /Teyon Shooter
Wii Helix (WiiWare) Nintendo/Ghost Fire Games Rythme
Switch Hell Pie Headup Games/Sluggerfly Plateforme
Switch Hell Warders PQube/ Action Tactique
Wii Hell's Kitchen Ubisoft/Ludia Inclassable
Switch Hellblade : Senua's Sacrifice Ninja Theory/QLOC Aventure
Switch Hellboy: Web of Wyrd / Action
Switch Hellmut : The Badass from Hell 2tainment/ Action Arcade Tir
3DS Hello Kitty : Picnic With Sanrio Friends Majesco Entertainment/Chaotic Moon
DS Hello Kitty Daily Nobilis/Dorasu Inclassable
3DS Hello Kitty Happy Happy Family Bigben Interactive/Compile Heart Educatif
Wii U Hello Kitty Kruisers Bergsala Lightweight LLC/Scarab Entertainment Course
Switch Hello Kitty Kruisers - Switch Edition Rising Star Games/ Course
DS Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams Empire Interactive/ Simulation
Switch Hello Neighbor tinyBuild/ Tactique Aventure
Switch Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek tinyBuild/ Aventure Puzzle
DS Hello Pocoyo ! Virgin Play/
Switch Helvetii Red Art Games/ Action
3DS Henri /
DS Henry Hatsworth : l'Incroyable Expédition Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts Puzzle Aventure
Switch Hentai vs. Evil eastasiasoft/ Action Tir
Wii Heracles Chariot Racing (WiiWare) Neko Entertainment/Neko Entertainment Course
N64 Hercules : The Legendary Journeys Titus/Player 1 Action
3DS Hermit Saver /
3DS Hero Bank Sega/Sega RPG
3DS Hero Bank 2 Sega/Sega
Switch Hero Must Die. Again DEGICA/Pyramid RPG
DS Hero's Saga Laevatein Tactics Aksys Games/GungHo Online Entertainment RPG
Wii U Heroes Never Lose /Osama Dorias
DS Heroes of Hyrule Nintendo/Retro Studios Aventure
DS Heroes of Mana Square Enix/Brownie Brown Stratégie RPG
3DS Heroes of Ruin Square Enix/n-Space
Switch Heroes of The Monkey Tavern /
DS Héros De La Ligue Des Justiciers Warner Bros/Sensory Sweep Action Aventure
Switch Hex Gambit /
Wii U Hex Heroes /Prismatic Games
Switch HEXAPODA /TOMAGameStudio Shoot'em up
N64 Hexen GT Interactive Software/Software Creations FPS
Switch Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story Riot Forge/ Musique Arcade Rythme
N64 Hey You ! Pikachu Nintendo/Umbrella Inclassable
3DS Hey! Pikmin Nintendo/Grezzo
Switch Hidden Through Time /
Switch Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic /Rogueside Casse-tête
DS High School Musical : Reves De Star ! Disney Interactive/ Musique
Wii High School Musical : Tous en scène Disney Interactive Studios/ Musique
DS High School Musical 3 : Nos Années Lycée Disney/ Musique
Wii U High Strangeness /Barnyard Intelligence RPG
Wii High Voltage Hot Rod Show (WiiWare) /High Voltage Course
Switch Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou /
SNES Hind Strike Piko Interactive/ Action
Switch Hindsight 20/20 - Wrath of the Raakshasa Triple-I Games/ Aventure Action
GC Hitman 2 : Silent Assassin /
Switch Hitman 3 - Cloud Version /
Wii Hitman Reborn ! Marvelous Interactive/Marvelous Entertainment Combat
Wii Hitman Reborn ! Delta Marvelous Entertainment/ Action Aventure
DS Hitman Reborn ! DS : Fate of Heat III Takara Tomy/ RPG
DS Hitman Reborn ! DS : Flame Rumble X Takara Tomy/ Combat
Wii Hitman Reborn ! Fate of Heat Takara Tomy/ RPG
Wii U Hive Jump Nintendo/Graphite Lab Shooter
Switch Hoa PM Studios/Skrollcat Studio Plateforme Casse-tête
Switch Hob : The Definitive Edition Runic Games/Panic Button Aventure Action Plateforme Puzzle
Wii Hockey AllStar Shootout (WiiWare) /Big Blue Bubble Sport
NES Hogan's Alley Intelligent Systems/ Tir
Switch Hogwarts Legacy: L'Héritage de Poudlard /
Switch Hokko Life Team 17/Wonderscope Games Simulation
DS Hokuto No Ken DS Sega/Spike Action
Switch Hollow Forever Entertainment SA/ FPS Horror
Switch Hollow Knight /Team Cherry Aventure Plateforme
Switch Hollow Knight : Silksong /Team Cherry Aventure Plateforme
N64 Holy Magic Century Konami/Imagineer RPG
3DS Holywood Crimes 3D Ubisoft/Ubisoft Réflexion
Switch Home Deco Puzzles / Casse-tête Puzzle
Switch Home Sweet Home / Horror
Wii Home Sweet Home (WiiWare) /Big Blue Bubble Simulation
3DS HomeTown Story Rising Star Games/Toybox Simulation
Wii Hoppie II Phoenix Games/ Action Aventure
Switch Horace 505 Games/Paul Helman Plateforme Arcade
Switch Horgihugh and Friends Aksys Games/ Aventure Arcade Tir
DS Horoscope DS : que me réservent les étoiles aujourd'hui ? Deep Silver/Sproing Inclassable
Switch Horror Tales : The Wine /Carlos Coronado Horror Aventure
Switch Horse Club Adventure Wild River/Wild River Aventure Gestion
Switch Horse Club Adventures 2 - Hazelwood Stories Wild River/ Aventure Simulation
DS Horse Life Deep Silver/ Sport
Wii Horse Life 2 : Amis pour la vie /Neko Entertainment Sport
DS Horse Life 2 : Aventures autour du monde /Neko Entertainment Sport
Switch Horse Tales - La Vallée d’Émeraude Microïds/ Aventure
DS Horseland Mindscape/ Aventure
DS Horsez Ubisoft/Ubisoft
Wii Horsez 2 Ubisoft/
DS Hoshigami Remix AS Networks/
Wii Hospital Atlus/Atlus Simulation
3DS Hot Blooded Tough Guy Kunio-Kun Special / Beat'em all
Wii Hot Wheels : Battle Force 5 Activision/ Course
DS Hot Wheels : Battle Force 5 Activision/ Course
DS Hot Wheels : Beat That Activision/ Course
Wii Hot Wheels : Beat That Activision/Activision Course
N64 Hot Wheels Turbo Racing Electronic Arts/Stormfront Studios Course
Switch Hot Wheels Unleashed /
Switch Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 - Turbocharged Milestone/ Course
Switch Hotel Barcelona Devolver Digital / Horror
DS Hotel Dusk : Room 215 Nintendo/Cing Aventure Point & Click
DS Hotel Transylvania GameMill Entertainment/WayForward Technologies
3DS Hotel Transylvania GameMill Entertainment/WayForward Technologies
Switch Hôtel Transylvanie : Monstrueuses Aventures Outright Games/Drakhar Studio Plateforme Aventure
DS Hôtesse de l'Air : Embarquement Immédiat Deep Silver/ Party Game
Wii U Hover: Revolt of Gamers Nintendo/Fusty Game Action Aventure
Switch How 2 Escape Just for Games/BreakFirst Games Casse-tête Aventure
Switch How To Say Goodbye ARTE/ Puzzle
Wii U How to Survive 505 Games/Eko Action Aventure Beat'em all
Switch Howling Village: Echoes / Horror
GC Hudson Best Collection Vol.1 : Bomberman Collection Hudson Soft/ Compilation
Switch Hulu Hulu/Hulu Application
Switch HUMAN FALL FLAT Curve Digital/ Plateforme
Wii U Human Resource Machine /
Switch Human Ressource Machine /Tomorrow Corporation Puzzle Inclassable
Wii Hunting Challenge Bigben Interactive/ Simulation
Wii U Hush Nintendo/Game Studio 78
N64 Hybrid Heaven Konami/KCEO
N64 Hydro Thunder Midway Games/Eurocom Action Course
Wii Hydroventure Nintendo/
3DS Hydroventure : Spin Cycle Nintendo/Curve Studios Puzzle
Switch Hyper Light Drifter /Heart Machine
Switch Hyper Shapes JanduSoft/BlindShot Studio Action Arcade
Switch Hyper-5 eastasiasoft/ Shoot'em up
Switch HyperBrawl Tournament /Milky Tea Sport Arcade
Switch Hypercharge Unboxed /Digital Cybercherries FPS
Switch Hyperdimension Neptunia GameMaker R:Evolution Compile/ RPG Gestion
Switch Hyperlight Ultimate /
Actu Hyrule Historia /
Wii U Hyrule Warriors Nintendo/Koei Tecmo Beat'em all
Switch Hyrule Warriors : Definitive Edition Nintendo/Koei Tecmo
Switch Hyrule Warriors : L'Ère du Fléau Nintendo/Koei Tecmo Aventure Action
3DS Hyrule Warriors : Legends /Koei Tecmo Action
3DS Hyrule Warriors : Legends /
DS Hysteria Hospital : Emergency Ward Oxygen Games/ Inclassable