Liste des jeux (72)

Nom Editeur/Dévelopeur Genres
GC V-Rally 3 Atari/Eden Studios Course
Switch V-Rally 4 Bigben Interactive/Kylotonn Course
N64 V-Rally Edition 99 Atari/Eden Studios Course
Wii U Vaccine / Survival horror
Wii Valhalla Knights : Eldar Saga Marvelous Entertainment/K2
Switch Valiant Hearts Ubisoft/
Switch Valkyria Chronicles /
Switch Valkyria Chronicles 4 Sega/
DS Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume Tri-Ace/Square Enix RPG
DS Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One Square Enix/Tri-Ace RPG
Switch Valley Peaks Those Awesome Guys/ Plateforme Aventure
Switch Valthirian Arc : Hero School Story PQube/Agaté Gestion Simulation RPG
Switch Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2 PQube/Agaté RPG
Wii Vampire Crystals /Shanblue Interactive
Switch Vampire Survivors poncle/
Switch Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong /
Switch Vampyr Focus Home Interactive/Dontnod Entertainment Action RPG
Switch Vaporum Merge Games/ Dungeon RPG
Wii Vectronom ARTE/ Rythme Plateforme
Wii Vegas Party Enjoy Party/ Party Game
3DS Vektor Tank 3D+ /Bplus Action
Switch Vendredi 13, le Jeu - Ultimate Slasher Switch Ed. /
Switch Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider /
Switch Venture Kid FDG Entertainment/Snikkabo AS Plateforme Action
Switch Vernal Edge PID Games/Hello Penguin Team Metroidvania
Wii Vertigo Playlogic Entertainment/Icon Games Action
Switch Very Very Valet / Puzzle Action
GC Vexx Acclaim/Acclaim Plateforme
DS Victorious : Hollywood Arts Debut Namco Bandai/
Wii Victorious Boxers Challenge Xseed Games/Ubisoft Combat
Wii Victorious Boxers Revolution AQ Interactive/Grandprix
Switch Victory Heat Rally Playtonic Friends/SkyDevilPalm Course Arcade
Switch Vide /
GC Viewtiful Joe Capcom/Clover Studio Beat'em all
DS Viewtiful Joe : Double Trouble Capcom/Clover Studio Beat'em all
GC Viewtiful Joe 2 Capcom/Clover Studio Beat'em all
GC Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble Capcom/Clover Studio Combat
N64 Vigilante 8 Activision/Luxoflux Action
Switch Vigor /Bohemia Interactive Tir Action
3DS Viking Invasion 2 : Olaf's Return Bip Media/Bip Media
Switch Violet Wisteria eastasiasoft/Kanipro Games Action Plateforme
Switch Violett Forever Entertainment SA/ Point & Click
Wii Viral Survival NIS America/Peakvox
Wii Virtua Fighter 2 Sega/Sega Combat
GC Virtua Striker 3 Ver. 2002 Sega/Amusement Vision Sport
Wii Virtua Tennis 2009 Sega/Sumo Digital Sport
Wii Virtua Tennis 4 Sega/ Sport
Actu Virtual Boy Wario Land Nintendo/Nintendo Plateforme
N64 Virtual Chess 64 Titus/Titus
GC Virtual Kasparov Titus/Titus
N64 Virtual Pool 64 Crave Entertainment/Celeris
N64 Virtual Pro Wrestling Asmik-Ace/Aki Corporation Sport
N64 Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 Asmik-Ace/Aki Corporation Sport
DS Viva Pinata : Pocket Paradise THQ/Rareware Simulation
Switch VLC For Nintendo Switch /
Switch VOEZ /Flyhigh Works Rythme
Switch Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden /Square Enix RPG
Switch Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden /Square Enix RPG
Switch Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars Square Enix/ RPG
Switch Void Scrappers /8BitSkull Action Rogue-Like
Switch void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium NIS America/Nippon Ichi Software RPG Rogue-Lite
Switch void* tRrLM2(); //Void Terrarium 2 NIS America/Nippon Ichi Software Dungeon RPG
3DS Volgarr the Viking /Crazy Viking Studios Action
Wii U Volgarr the Viking /Crazy Viking Studios Action
NES Volleyball Nintendo/Nintendo Sport
DS Volt : Star Malgré Lui Disney Interactive/Avalanche Software Action
Wii Volt : Star Malgré Lui Disney/Avalanche Software Action Aventure
Wii U VoxelMaker /Nostatic Software
Wii U VRog / Arcade Action
3DS VVVVVV Nicalis/Terry Cavanagh Plateforme
Switch VVVVVV (version Switch) /