Korean-Japanese publisher Nexon broke records this season off the back of MapleStory’s success.In its latest results for FY2018, Nexon is reporting strong annual gains across revenues, operating income and net profit. Revenue grew eight per-cent year-over-year, as much as $2.29 billion (¥253.7 billion).

Operating income increased nine per-cent as planned to $887.a million (¥98.4 billion), and net profit jumped by the whopping 90 per-cent to Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos reach $974.25 million (¥107.7 billion).

“Building on our success within the Chinese and Korean markets, in 2018 Nexon’s global PC and mobile businesses grew year-over-year,” said CEO and president Owen Mahoney.

“We also saw strong growth on mobile within the West from MapleStory 2 Mesos Pixelberry Studios’ key title Choices: Stories You Play, together with around the world from MapleStory M, plus the new action RPG, Darkness Rises.”

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