There are other things that can be done with apps marketing than creating mobile app awareness, and that is to help those that have already promoted and launched their mobile apps with empowerment. Every developer will ultimately want to know about the services for monetizing their mobile apps. There are many different ways available for monetizing your apps but here you’ll learn about monetizing with ad networks.

An excellent alternative for requiring a minimal fee for each app that is being downloaded would be freely distributing your application and get paid for it. In many cases it will provide more benefits in the long run linked resource site. But everyone must keep in mind that this is a new age of marketing and even more so when it comes to marketing on mobiles devices. Some developers have chosen to sell modified versions of their lite or free apps, while many others have chosen a completely different route by using ad networks as their vehicle of choice. It is recommended you understand how it works so you can determine the solution that will work for you.The first item you will need to keep in mind is, all ad networks will not support your platform. You will need to make sure they support the platform you are launching your app for. Some ad networks will only support apps like Android, iPhone, or WebOS. When looking through the different ad networks available, keep this in mind before you really get excited about their features. The first is admob: This is an ad network that services over 7.1 million ads every month. Analytics tracking, ad reach, and excellent reporting drive this company. Their real strengths lie in the combination of all of these areas, making admob the developer’s choice.

Then you have VDOPIA: Ivdopia mainly works with apps specifically designed for Android and iPhone. They run a much different type of ad campaign, adding videos rather than using banner ads. These videos are brought right to the application itself and although they don’t have an inventory as vast as some of the other ad networks, they provide something special for their advertisers, and that’s excellent quality.

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